Week 6 Movie Theatre

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The Human Mind
Part 1 – Get Smart (1hr)
How do we learn? What (and where) is intuition? Discover the importance of relaxation for creativity and original thought. ‘Get Smart’ is the first of a three part documentary interested in understanding the human mind and our we can make the most of it.

Part 2 – Personality (1hr)
Part 2 helps us to understand how our early environment contributes to our adult experience of emotions and behaviour and explores how (and what) we can change about ourselves.

The Big Question: Why Am I me? (20min)
In this short 23 minute documentary Dr Susan Adele Greenfield explores the “essence of being” from the perspective of science by asking questions such as:
How do neurons create a brain?
What is consciousness?
What is mind?”

Mystical Brain (1hr)
Mystical brain is one of the most scientific documentaries exploring meditation and the mystic experiences of meditation experts: Carmelite nuns and Buddhist monks. You’ll meet several of today’s top meditation researchers and teachers including the Dalai Lama, Matthiew Richard (Buddhist monk) and researcher Dr Richard Davidson and team. Mystical Brain is a fascinating and award-winning documentary that sits right at the interface of science and spirituality.

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